Mounting in your Grillkota

It is absolutely necessary to ensure sufficient fresh air supply in closed rooms!

We recommend the use of a suitable CO detector so that you and your guests are always protected.

Fresh air supply is one of the most essential things to consider for successful smoke removal in enclosed buildings. In order for the room to be pleasant and almost smoke-free, at least as much fresh air must be introduced into the room as escapes with the smoke. When an air deficiency develops, the smoke cannot rise through the flue because there is no buoyancy and consequently the air flows out more slowly.

To ensure clean indoor air, it is strongly recommended to use a chimney with a diameter of 30 cm.

The best way to create sufficient fresh air and the right kind of airflow is to build a floor in the bottom of the building with a radial wooden frame left open under the floorboards.  A hole of about 30 cm is cut directly under the fireplace, from which the air rises directly into the grate, creating a good, controlled, even flow. As the fire burns, the airflow accelerates, creating the upward draught necessary for clean burning.

If the floor is concrete, it is advisable to insert replacement air pipes into the foundation of the building. The diameter of the pipes should be approx. 100 - 150 mm, with at least 3 of them installed in different cardinal directions. For a good draught and functionality, the position of the pipes should be as ascending as possible from the direction of the fireplace, because a horizontal alignment of the pipes does not create a proper air flow.