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Griddle for your Polar Grill

Griddle for your Polar Grill

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€149,00 EUR
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€149,00 EUR
Choose the right griddle for your grill.

Grill your steaks with the Polar Grill griddle, which allows you to use more of the firebox for grilling. The griddle covers half of the firebox, so you can use both halves or just one half, depending on your needs.

Choose the right griddle plate for your grill:

  • Griddle plate for Polar-Grill S8
  • Griddle plate for Polar-Grill M8
  • Griddle plate for Polar-Grill M6
  • Griddle plate for Polar-Grill L8

The price includes one half.

The roasting plate is placed on the spark net.
Note: The spark net belongs to the Polar Grill and is not included with the griddle.

Delivery time is 5-7 working days
(from the far north of Finland)

* The pictures may contain accessories and decorative material that is not part of the offer.