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Polar-Grill fireplace with flue and chimney model M6 complete package

Polar-Grill fireplace with flue and chimney model M6 complete package

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€2.639,00 EUR
Color flue and chimney
High grill table
Chimney with/without smoke flap

The Polar Grill M6 is ideal for your barbecue kota or pavilion and will radiate pleasant atmosphere and warmth there. Its size is perfect for a 10-15 m² kota or barbecue hut.

The Kota model includes everything you need: the barbecue, the bonnet, the chimney pipes and the roof pipe with rain cover and rain sleeve. You can use firewood, charcoal or briquettes in the grill.

Select your desired colour and height from the options.

The set consists of the following parts:


  • Grill
  • 6 wooden tables with table holders.
  • Rotatable barbecue grill
  • Small grill grate
  • Hook for coffee pot
  • Spark guard
  • Hood
  • Support tubes 2 pieces
  • Chimney pipes 1 m + 0.50 m
  • 1 m roof pipe
  • Rain collar (width 10 cm)
  • Rain cover


  • Diameter of the barbecue frame without wooden tables: 70 cm.
  • Diameter of the barbecue with wooden tables: 120 cm
  • Diameter of the bonnet: 91 cm (height: 57.5 cm)
  • Height 57 cm (standard plinth), 74 cm (higher plinth)

Please refer to the assembly instructions and drawings!

* The illustrations may contain accessories and decorative materials that are not part of the offer.

The delivery time is approx. 21 days. 

Please note that the grill will be built especially for you in Finland only after your order and according to your wishes. This takes about two weeks. However, it can also be quicker ;-). After your barbecue is finished, it will be shipped directly to you. The transport from Finland to you in Germany takes about 7-8 working days.